Clinical Counselling

* PLEASE NOTE that Counselling is  Patient Pay service.  We do not Direct Bill for Counselling.

* All patients are required to provide a valid credit card # at the time of booking


Valerie Hoock, MA MFT, RCC

Clinical Counsellor

*July 28, 2020

Valerie is now accepting new patients 13 years of age & older for both telehealth & in-clinic appointments


Val’s gentle spirit and empathic presence will help provide a safe environment for you to move towards healing and wholeness.  


Her passion is to help individuals, couples and families discover, embrace, and be empowered to live out their full potential.  She views relational or emotional pain as a signal for the need for help, forgiveness and or healing.  Val would be privileged to walk with you through whatever challenge or distress you are encountering such as depression, anxiety, grief and loss, relational issues, addictions, trauma, or life transitions. 

Val has many years experience with individuals and families in counselling, case management, brain injury and developmental disabilities.  She has specialized training in Emotionally Focused Therapy for individuals and couples, Observed and Experiential Integration Therapy for trauma, Satir Transformational Therapy, Genesis Addictions Counselling, Gestalt and Levelling Prayer.  She has a Masters Degree in Marriage and Family Therapy and is a Registered Clinical Counsellor.


Jane H. Suh, MA MFT, RCC

Clinical Counsellor


* All patients are required to provide a valid credit card # at the time of booking

Everything and everyone exists in a system, which means that nothing happens in isolation.  Change in one area will ultimately affect other areas in a person’s life and relationships—therefore all personal work is valuable, useful, and an exciting opportunity for growth.    


Jane is a registered clinical counsellor, with a masters degree in marriage and family therapy.  She has experience working with individuals, couples, families covering a wide range of concerns including anxiety, depression, grief and loss, suicidal thoughts, panic attacks, anger, self-harm, relational/marriage/family conflict and distress, life transitions, caregiving, developmental disabilities, addiction, abuse and trauma.   


Jane’s therapeutic foundation is an attachment-based approach, which says we are created for connection—with ourselves, with others, and with the world around us.  These relationships are vital to our existence and can be both our greatest strengths and challenges in life.  Her clinical work utilizes her training in emotion-focused individual and couple therapy (EFT/EFIT), with an incorporation of techniques from cognitive-behavioural therapy (CBT).  She offers sessions in both English and Korean.

What is Counselling?

Counselling is a relationship between a psychotherapist and an individual or couple to help the individual/couple access their own strengths and resources and learn new insights or skills that will help them deal with life challenges. Whether life is overwhelming, lost its joy and meaning, you’re experiencing grief or loss, a strained relationship, live with chronic illness or pain, or had a traumatic experience, counselling helps. 

Counselling is a valuable investment in your personal growth, well being,and relationship health and can help you live your life with greater healing and wholeness.

Counselling can help:

 Abuse  *  Anger  *  Anxiety  * Burn Out  * Depression  * Chronic illness
  *  Chronic pain  * Couples  *  Grief and loss * Individuals  *  Life Transitions
 Panic  *  Post Traumatic Stress   *  Relationship Issues  *  Stress  *
 *  Self Esteem and Self Worth   *   Trauma

michele francis.jpg

Michele Francis,  RCC, MA, BA,



You are important and what you have to say matters! Taking the first step to looking for counselling tells me your mental and emotional wellbeing matters to you. You are not willing to sit by and let challenges control you; instead, you are a fighter, a survivor, a resilient human being wanting better for yourself.  Working through challenges (be it trauma, depression, anxiety, relationship challenges, stress, or addiction, to name a few) you will be supported and encouraged in a non-pathologizing, anti-oppressive environment to create deep insight regarding the connections between past and present experiences.

While I subscribe to a variety of therapeutic approaches, I mainly work from an Adlerian (constructivist), Solution-Focused, Cognitive, a Feminist focused and a Narrative (constructivist) lens. I take a trauma informed, multicultural approach to counselling. Understanding that humans face a variety of socio-structural challenges that further compound issues.

It is important that you feel supported, heard and connected to the counsellor you will work with. To better understand if I will be the best fit for you, please take the time to look at the services I offer, and read more about me and my approach to counselling. 

We are a private pay clinic and are unable to direct bill to insurance companies for Clinical Counselling treatments

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