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Brandi B, RMT
Intern at Pure 2018

Paige S, RMT
Intern at Pure 2018


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Brandi Berkey, RMT
Intern 2018

Working as an intern at Pure was the perfect start to my career.  I was able to gain insight to the inner workings of a clinic and see how all the processes work together.  Treating clients for relaxation massages, I utilized the time to get used to my timing and get myself in the routine of things.  I loved that I was surrounded by a great group of seasoned RMT's to ask questions and get tips from.  Once I received my registration # as an RMT it was a very seamless transition to beginning my practice.  I couldn't recommend the experience enough--

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Intern 2018

Working as an intern at Pure Health Massage & Wellness has been an invaluable experience for me.  The owners and practitioners are extremely patient and provide a wealth of knowledge.  Working as an intern therapist allowed me to keep my hands on and interview skills sharp for boards and helped me to get to know some of my future patients.  This position made the transition into RMT feel seamless and comfortable. I would recommend interning at Pure to anyone looking to learn a lot, and find a supportive, informative and kind environment to build  their practice  in.

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Kali Matei, RMT
Intern 2023

Working at Pure Health as an intern has given me so much experience and confidence for the switch of becoming an RMT.  The knowledge and hands on time I have gotten is irreplaceable. I am so thankful for learning how a clinic is run before becoming registered, as it has given me more understanding behind the scenes.  I am able to practice comfortably and confidently, and enjoy my time at work.  The staff at Pure are very supportive and welcoming!  I'm still taken aback by the heated, hydraulic tables, they are awesome.  It's a pleasure to work at Pure!

To provide an excellent healthcare experience, recognizing that our first priority is the clients we serve. Pure Health Massage & Wellness is focused on building a successful business and work environment where each person is valued and respected.


Clinical Counsellors, Chiropractors, RMT's
and Student Massage Interns 

We are looking for those who want to make their home in the growing communities of Surrey/North Delta.  We have space for passionate clinicians who care about helping others, delivering excellent care and would like to join a diverse and supportive team. 

Come for a tour and meet with us by 
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